Welcome to Our Family Love Story

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Written by Michael Warren Shaw and wife Cassandra Lopez de Arriaga: both voices tell the story, offering two distinctly loving perspectives of our  journey from the Rodney King Riots to the United States Naval Academy.


“It’s no surprise Mike and I argued about even how to start writing this story.  Anybody who knows us, knows that we, each in our own way, are stubborn, opinionated, and passionate.

Even if a single soul never reads this, we wanted to document how amazing our kids are and how they overcame our blunders and stupidity.  To say they are both Midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy, knowing our past, is nothing short of a miracle.  This book is our love letter to Alexes and Mikey, our Warrior Princess and our Gentleman Warrior. 

This a love story about four people, not two.”

Our story begins here…




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